"A Family Tradition Since 1800."
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"Our ongoing relationship has been mutually
beneficial with a proven track record with results that
were win win for all parties."
- Brett Schulman – Rock Creek Industrial Center
Harvesting Sites We Completed
A Selective Hardwood Thinning
Residential Hardwood Thinning
Planted Pine Thinning at Age 17
1yr old Clear-Cut and a Logging Road
Equipment at Work
Tree Harvester in action
Harvesting hardwood timber
Log Skidder pulling trees
Loader processing logs
Trees at the Mill
Unloading a log truck at the mill
Logs going into the mill
From logs to lumber
Lumber ready to be used
Tree Farm
1 Year Old Pine Tree
3 year old Pine Plantation
15 year old Pine Plantation
after a thinning
40 year old Pine Plantation
ready for the final harvest