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- James & Martha Daniels
Payment will be paid in full upon signing of the Timber Deed.
The payment can be in the form of a company check or a certified bank check.
Piedmont Land & Timber carries a $1 million liability insurance policy.
Environmental Concerns

Piedmont Land & Timber is responsible for adhering to any local, state, and federal laws pertaining to our operations: including following the Best Management Practices (BMPs) as adopted by the NC General Assembly. This includes stream buffers and erosion control barriers.

Contract Time Agreement
Piedmont Land & Timber prefers a 24 month time agreement to harvest and remove all forest products. The time agreement is negotiable for each tract. Piedmont Land & Timber is responsible for obtaining any and all permits pertaining to our operations.
Property Line Identification
Piedmont Land & Timber is responsible for identifying and marking all property lines pertaining to our operations. Piedmont Land & Timber will remove all man-made litter brought onto the property by our employees during our operations. There will not be any drink cans, tires, oil cans, paper products, etc. remaining on the property once our operations are complete.
Planting Trees (Tree Farm)

Planting Process – Post Timber Harvest

- 6-12 months growth of natural regeneration
- Summer - Herbicide Application
   (eliminate all competing vegetation)
- Late Summer / Early Fall - Controlled Burn
  (remove the majority of logging debris)
- Winter / Early Spring - Plant Pine Seedlings

Cost of Reforestation

- Herbicide Application: $125.00 +/- Per Acre
  (This will prevent unwanted vegetation from competing with young pines)

- Controlled Burn: $60.00 +/- Per Acre
  (This will remove all remaining debris)

- Planting: $75.00 +/- Per Acre*
  (This includes 500 +/- pine seedlings per acre and the labor of planting)

*40% of the planting cost can be reimbursed by the state

Landowner Cost: $45.00 +/- Per Acre
Total Expense: $230.00 +/- Per Acre

Harvest Time Frame and Financial Return

Stand Rotation Life Span of Planted Pine is 35-40 Years

- Age 14-16 1st time thinning – remove 30-35% of the trees
   (increase the health of the stand)
Financial Return = $250.00 +/- Per Acre

- Age 23-25 2nd time thinning – remove lesser trees and allow for a full saw-timber stand
Financial Return = $1,250.00 +/- Per Acre

- Age 35-40 Final harvest – Total Clear-Cut and start a new stand
Financial Return = $2,500.00 +/- Per Acre

The Return on this investment can be: $4,000.00 +/- Per Acre

Property Tax Reduction

Present-Use-Value for Forestry

This program was established to help remove the pressure from increased property taxes on the individual property owner.

What this program offers: Reduce property taxes by up to 80%.

Program Requirements:

- 20 acres of wooded land
- Owned property for a least 4 years
- Have a professional forest management plan in place
  (This plan is provided by Piedmont Land & Timber)
- Practicing Forestry: harvesting timber, growing trees, planting pine trees,
  allowing natural regeneration for hardwoods, etc...
- Applications for this program are only accepted during the month of January
  by county tax departments

Piedmont Land & Timber provides all the necessary paperwork to apply for this program, along with the completion of all the necessary forms for our clients to successfully be enrolled into the Present-Use-Value for Forestry program.